Ever feel there’s not enough hours in the day or days in the week? Yeah, me too. It’s been a busy week around here, but with a little flexibility and a little compromise on sleep, I hit 67.5 miles last week, a new high for this training cycle. This last week I’ll aim to hit 70 and then it’s taper time!

But it’s been an exciting week so far, so here’s the highlights. Spoiler: it includes delicious birthday food and a cool announcement.

I ran 20 miles in the middle of the day last Wednesday. Some at marathon pace!

Have I mentioned how thankful I am that my job promotes a bit of flexibility? Very thankful. To offset the 2.5 hours of ‘me’ time I took to do this long run in the early afternoon, I simply started my work day a bit earlier and ended it a bit later. Since I was traveling Thursday-Saturday for work, I knew I wouldn’t find the time to squeeze in 20 miles over the weekend. Gotta make it work.

I’ve missed bridge running, so decided to head down the WSH, over the Brooklyn and back over the Manhattan bridges, and back up the WSH to my apartment. Despite eating a substantial breakfast, my stomach felt empty about 3 miles in so I stopped to buy a water and a Kind bar. I never eat ‘real’ food while running, but knew I needed something other than a Gu to stop the hunger. Luckily it sat well.

Long run, 3/14

20 miles of splits are pretty boring, I know. But, I was feeling good after coming back over the Manhattan Bridge and decided today would be a good day to attempt marathon pace at the end of a long run. I was bored around mile 13 so decided to pick it up then to make the time go faster. After 4 miles, I started feeling extremely light headed and dehydrated but spotted a vending machine and chugged a water while jogging easy again. It was the 1st 70 degree day in a while and I was hot. I figured I’d just jog easy to cool down home, but felt 10x better after the water so attempted another marathon pace mile. And it was quick!

I went to Atlanta!

As I mentioned, I went to Atlanta for work Thursday through Saturday. The Chobani CHOmobile was at the Georgia Marathon expo, and part of my job is to go to these events to interact with consumers, media and capture content to share online. I didn’t get to see much of the city, but did wake up extra early both mornings to get in my run before the expo started. Including a nice little run to Piedmont Park!

I spectated the NYC Half-Marathon!

The NYC Half-Marathon is one of my FAVORITE races. I don’t care how ridiculously overpriced the entry fee is. It holds a special place in my heart as it was my first post-collegiate race in 2010 and where I set my PR in 2011 on my 24th birthday. I really, really wanted to race it again this year, but I knew I wouldn’t be getting back from Atlanta until late Saturday night and after being on my feet all day, likely wouldn’t be a successful race. So I dragged my overtired self out of bed early to spectate while getting in some miles with other CPTC peeps along the course. It was a blast, though part of me was a bit bummed since I think I would have had a good shot at a PR. Oh well. I got to see two of my other friends from college who ran the race, too. And then I drank pretty much all day on Sunday.

I turned 25!

Yep, Tuesday was my birthday! And the first day of Spring! So, pretty much the happiest day of the year. On Monday night I started the celebrations early with a trip to the new 16 Handles near my apartment with Terence. Having froyo within a 4 block radius is going to be dangerous this summer, I already know.

I kicked off the actual birthday with a sweaty 10 mile run and a doctor’s appointment…fun? After work, I enjoyed fancy cocktails outside at Public with my coworker Emily, followed by a late dinner at Gentleman Farmer with my cute guy friend :)

Gentleman Farmer is such a quaint restaurant! It only seats 20 people in the cozy space, and we ordered really unique dishes like bison tartar with quail egg, prosciutto and fig stuffed quail with risotto, ostrich steak, and creme brule- complete with a birthday candle! Highly, highly recommended for a special occasion dinner. Everything, including the wine, was extremely delicious. We cleaned our plates!

The birthday celebrations continued over a work lunch complete with wine & dessert yesterday at Il Buco Alimentari and Vineria, and I arrived home to cupcakes from my old college roommate Emily. I’m not a huge birthday person, but I do appreciate getting to feel a bit special for a day (or two…or a week). Thanks, everyone :) I wonder why my jeans are a bit tight today.

I also realized I’ll never again race in the 20-24 age group. 25-29 is hard! Goodbye, age group awards.

I was chosen as one of Boston.com/Polar Gear’s wear-tester for the Boston Marathon!

Guys, I never win anything. When my cute guy friend told me about the call for entries on Boston.com to apply to wear-test Polar gear (RCX5 watch/system) in the month leading up to the Boston Marathon and on race day, get to guest blog about it, and then keep the gear, I immediately applied. But I really didn’t think I’d have a chance. I don’t have a super compelling backstory, personal ties to the Boston Marathon, or anything. I just like to run and blog about it. But, both he and I were selected and the introductory post went up today. I should get the watch any day now and will be posting at Boston.com every Monday! I’m honored and really, really excited to see what the watch & system can do compared to my dinky Garmin 110.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the past week or so. All good stuff. What’s the highlight of your week so far?

Will Run For Waffles

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts - (12 Comments)

It’s not news that marathon training makes you hungry. Being able to have a healthy, hearty appetite is one of the things I like best about running. A meal always tastes better when you’ve worked up a real appetite, right? This is also probably the reason I tend to gain a few pounds during marathon training, but that’s besides the point :)

So when I found out about an all you can eat & drink brunch at Brooklyn Brewery, you bet I was in. Unlimited waffles, toppings, bacon, beer and coffee? Game on. I also had to get in a long run, and a few of us were in the same boat so showing up in running clothes was totally cool. I <3 runner friends.

Brooklyn Brewery is located in Williamsburg, and getting there by foot seemed the best option to squeeze in 18 miles before 10:30 am, especially considering the L train wasn’t running over the weekend. Plus, it’d be something different to mix up the long runs..love a good destination run. Alex and I met up in Central Park for a quick loop around the bridle before heading down the West Side Highway and over the Williamsburg Bridge.

18 miles, 2/25

18 went by much quicker than we expected! We averaged around 7:45 pace, with miles ranging from 7:25 to 8:00 depending on terrain and ridiculous gusts of wind along the river. The pace felt comfortable and relaxed, and I didn’t start totally hating my life until the last mile or so when we added on a bit around the brewery.

Alex and I met Nicole, Kristan, Susan and Ben when we got there and immediately changed into dry clothes and hopped in line! Which.took.forever. I was hungry and felt a little tipsy after downing a beer. Oops? Megan, Sofia and Leslie arrived a bit later so our groups got split up in the line waiting. Despite the painfully slow line, we still went back for seconds. And then I swiped a jug of maple syrup on the way out. Delicious.

After a few subway transfers (ever taken the G line? I can now say I have…), I arrived home and lounged around for the rest of the afternoon before getting ready for a night out. A burger & fries, many cocktails, jello shot syringes (??), dancing until 3am and staying up until you can see the sun rising through the blinds may not be the best way to recover from an 18 mile run, but damn it was fun.

I enjoyed a leisurely rest day on Sunday, totaling 3 rest days (woohoo!) and 40.5 miles for the cut back week. It was nice and necessary, but now we’re back to business. 60 miles for the week shouldn’t be too bad despite traveling to Charlotte on Tues/Weds and missing the CPTC workout on Thursday night. Make it work.

And for now, sleep.

Happy Monday! Looks like I’m getting on a weekly posting schedule…though I’d like to write more frequently, I’ll start by recapping this past week. It was a pretty awesome one largely because it felt like spring for the majority of it. Any week in late January/early February I can wear a dress without stockings, have a work meeting outside in Bryant Park and run in shorts most days makes me happy. It’s the little things.

And, I finally cracked 50 miles for the first time this training cycle with a pretty solid workout, too. Exciting…

  • M: 7.5 in Riverside, easy (~8:15 pace)
  • T: 8 miles on Bridle, felt good (~7:44 pace)
  • W: 6 around reservoir/bridle (~7:39 pace)
  • R: Solo workout: 3 warmup, 2 cooldown, 7 mile tempo (4+ lower loops) in 46:30. (6:50, 6:49, 6:50, 6:39, 6:33, 6:21, 6:25)
  • F: OFF
  • S: Hot Chocolate run! 15 total (10 through WSH/Riverside/CP ~7:15 pace, 5 easy down WSH to City Bakery)
  • S: 3 miles easy around Riverside to Whole Foods

Total: 51.5 miles

Thursday’s workout was a bit of a confidence booster. I’ve professed my love for doing solo workouts on the lower loops before. I set out to do a little over 4 loops to hit 7 miles, starting out easy and bringing it down at the end.

Workout, 2/2

Kept it around goal marathon pace the first three miles and felt pretty relaxed. Around the 5th mile, I got into a groove and felt confident to push the pace a bit under 6:30. The last mile was pretty tough and uncomfortable though, yikes.

I did this exact workout on September 15th in 47:11. I thought it was a pretty great effort and strong fitness indicator before NYC. Well, Thursday’s workout was almost 45 seconds faster, and while I definitely pushed much harder in the last miles than September, I still felt strong. While there’s still a lot of work to be done between now and April 16th, maybe Boston won’t be so bad after all.

The weekend was plenty of fun, too! Enjoyed a delicious Restaurant Week dinner at The Hurricane Club, with fiery drinks (meant to share between 4, but easily polished off between 2). And then we were wasted, good work team.

Woke up on Saturday morning without tooooo much trouble to hit the roads for 10 miles before meeting up with the New York Rogue Runners (yes, Rogue) to run another 5 miles down the West Side Highway to City Bakery for the annual Hot Chocolate Run. While I anticipated taking the first 10 miles pretty easy, suddenly we found ourselves around 7:10-7:15 pace…oops? The weather was nice and I felt good and once again, I had some great company to pass the miles :)

I was so excited to finish the last 5 miles with the group and spend some QT on the roads and sippin’ delish hot chocolate with the Sweat Squad contingent of Ali, Megan, Susan and Meggie. Definitely a great Saturday morning/afternoon. Thanks for organizing, Baker!

This is our 'look intimidating' pose. Nice.

Delicious food

Nothing says refueling like Banana Peel hot chocolate, caramelized french toast, mac and cheese, and fruit. I was more than happy to get my long run out of the way, and spend some time catching up with great friends. And just check out that marshmallow!

I’m not a huge football person, so I was mostly excited to get to whip up some delicious food to eat while watching the game last night. On the menu, buffalo chicken dip and spinach artichoke dip complete with veggie dippers and chips. Oh, and of course beer & two pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Both the dips were super easy & tasty, and we totally polished off the buffalo chicken dip. And now I’ll be eating spinach artichoke dip for lunch this week…yum.

I made this spread...go, Lindsay!

The ‘not-so-secret’ ingredient in both the dips is Chobani. Should come as no surprise because 1- I despise sour cream & it makes an excellent sub, and 2- Even though they may pay my salary, it’s awesome and I’d spend my hard earned dolla bills on it any day.

What was the best part of your weekend? Best run of the week?

Winter ain’t so bad…

January 30th, 2012 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts - (12 Comments)

This past week was pretty good in terms of running, aided greatly by the not-so-awful weather we’ve been having this winter. Mother Nature, if we can make it to April 16th without anymore sub-20 degree days, I’d be your biggest fan.

I was reading through a few posts from last winter and remembered one of the mornings when it was 6 degrees (!!!) out and I thought it would be fitting to run exactly 6 miles. And then my hands almost froze off. Luckily, January hasn’t been bad and my fingers are crossed for a similar February. With my luck, it’ll snow all month…but here’s to hoping!

Here’s how the week panned out: 44 miles.

  • M: OFF
  • T: 8.5 in morning w/ Alex
  • W: 6.5 in afternoon, a bit stuffy/congested
  • R: Rainy workout night! 2 warmup, 1 cooldown. 5.14 workout in 34:10 (6:49, 6:44, 6:43, 6:43, 6:18), 1K at end in 3:45 (6:15 pace)
  • F: OFF
  • S: 14.5 long run w/ Alex & Alysia/Ambreleah. Warm, shorts run…felt really strong! ~ 7:25-7:30 pace average on CP bridle & Riverside
  • S: 5.5 easy + Total Body Conditioning Class

Thursday night’s workout was a pretty good one. It was only slightly drizzling on the warmup, but started raining pretty heavy into the workout and especially on our cool down. While I was a bit chilly at the end and cut my cool down short to only 1 mile (wimp), I typically love running in the rain and the workout went nicely.

Workout 1/26

Followed by a short recovery & a 1K which I did in 3:45. The first four miles were kept pretty relaxed and I never felt like I was working too hard, which felt good. While it was prescribed at half-marathon pace, which is closer to 6:26, that just isn’t happening right now. We were able to bring the pace down the last mile because it’s largely downhill and we were reeling in some people who had gone ahead at the start.

Right after the workout, I showered & headed straight downtown to our dodgeball game where we won (!!!) and I proceeded to play flip cup until midnight, without eating dinner. Great decisions as usual.

My long run on Saturday was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while. While it was my longest run of the training cycle so far, the warm(er) air and great company really made the run fly by. Alex and I ran into Alysia & Ambreleah and did a few loops around the Bridle before heading over to Riverside Park to add on before heading back to Central Park. It felt like spring, I felt fit and I (kinda) wanted to run forever.

Winter isn’t so bad, right? Looking to hit 50 miles this week which shouldn’t be bad if I go down from 2 to 1 rest day.

Amidst all this running, I’ve also been working towards my budding career in professional taste testing (wouldn’t that be nice?). Twice within the last few weeks, I’ve been a judge/taste-tester in food competitions. Lucky me!

Tonight, I headed to the SELF Magazine offices to be a taste tester for their annual Healthy Food Awards. I signed up to do this last year as well, so my taste buds and stomach were happy to head back for the 2nd year.

We sampled and judged the following categories: plain yogurt, flavored yogurt (sadly not Greek yogurt, ha), frozen waffles, unsweetened cereal, sweetened cereal, ethnic frozen dinners, and creamy dessert pops. Random? Yes. Delicious. HECK YES! I’m so full right now. Just wait for the June issue to see the winners revealed!

And about 3 weeks ago, one of the companies we share our office space with hosted their 2nd annual BagelOff. And needed judges to rate bagels from 5 different NYC bagel shops. Obviously I jumped at the chance. As my coworker said, I’m a marathoner- I can handle the carbs.

Murray’s was the hands down winner, followed by Ess-A-Bagel, Absolute, Russ & Daughters and Zaro’s. Love me some bagels & cream cheese. If you’re curious, here’s the official scorecard we used. My favorite was judging on overall taste: “Are all the flavors in perfect harmony, aligning the planets and exposing to you all that’s right with the world?” 

And this weekend was full of good eats as well. From a cute make-your-own Buffalo Chicken pizza and wine date night (did you know you can use pans as pizza dishes? Well, you can.)…

….to a Saturday night spent eating delicious Italian pizza, ‘Munchies’ ice cream and drinking beers on a patio (OUTSIDE!! in January!!) in Brooklyn, it was a fun-filled foodie weekend with friends!

Highlight of your weekend? How’s the weather been for you so far? Ever been a food judge..? It’s pretty awesome.

Festivity & Secret Santas

December 18th, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts - (9 Comments)

Sometimes, the best runs are the ones you least expect. I’ve had a pretty busy week & weekend and running hasn’t been high on my list of priorities. This morning, I woke up early after too many drinks last night and too little sleep. I felt a bit lot like death. Instead of going back to bed like a normal person, I decided the only cure for this hangover was some fresh air. I bundled up (when did it become winter?) and hit the roads for a run to get the blood flowing. 6 miles later, I felt semi-normal again. Surprisingly I averaged around 7:20 pace, something that shouldn’t be possible after getting a total of 10 or 11 hours of sleep all weekend.

Excellent. I’m honestly pretty surprised by how well I’ve been functioning on so little sleep. A very small part of me is regretting signing up for Boston. Marathon training takes a lot out of me, and I’ve kinda been liking non-training Lindsay. She’s fun and goes out and stays up late and takes too many shots and doesn’t have to worry about a 20 mile run or workout the next day.

Fun Lindsay

Don’t worry, I’m definitely still going to be racing Boston and Big Sur, no questions there. It’s just hard to strike a balance between putting in the hard work to get sub-3:00, and being a single 24 year old living in NYC and all that entails. At the end of the day, I need to remind myself not to take running too seriously: it’s only a part of my life, and something I do because I love it. It’s not do or die, and I can still be fun Lindsay…. most of the time. :)

Despite Christmas being less than a week away (!!), I still hadn’t hit up the NYC must-sees. So I finally made my way to midtown to be a Christmasy tourist this weekend. We explored Bryant Park and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Christmasy things make me happy :)

And my friends Noelle and Kristen came into the city to go out and stay at my apartment last night. We met up with Terence, and we always, always have random nights out together. Last night included a lesbian bar, an apartment party, and a hole-in-the-wall Irish bar. Fun!

Terence, Kristen, Me and Noelle

After the surprisingly great 6 mile run this morning, I headed over to Ali’s apartment for a fun Sweat Squad Secret Santa party with Megan, Susan, Kelly and Meggie!

Meggie, Me, Kelly, Ali, Susan, Megan

Meggie was my Secret Santa and got me an awesome Believe I Am Training journal. I am so excited to use it for training, I think it’ll help get me in the game mentally and be neat to record my training. Thanks, Meggie!

Over the course of our 7 hour “brunch”, we opened presents, drank mimosas, and ate baked treats. That’s my idea of a festive Sunday.

All in all, a very, very festive and fun weekend. Cheers to many, many more! And now, I will proceed to pass out. I’m road tripping to upstate NY tomorrow to finally see the Chobani plant on Tuesday and can’t wait!

Highlight of your weekend?

Greetings from the Road

November 17th, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts - (12 Comments)

Greetings from sunny Chandler, Arizona! I’m currently a bit outside of Phoenix for a few days for work, traveling to the Arizona Balloon Classic along with the Chobani CHOmobile. I flew in on Tuesday night and have been having a blast with my new teammates who travel the country year-round with the CHOmobile, going to events, engaging with new fans, and handing out hundreds of thousands of cups of Chobani. Pretty awesome, right?

Unfortunately, I’m only here until very early Saturday morning (like, 6am flight early) as I’m off to San Francisco until the 27th for Thanksgiving with the extended fam, but I’ve been soaking up the experiences as best I can!

And living it all through Instagram photos :)

Sunrise at the hotel

Loading up the truck pre-event

Sunset while driving through Papago Park from Chandler to Scottsdale

Guacamole with all the fixins

I forget what was in this salad, but it was everything.

The event kicks off tomorrow, and I’m so excited to see all the balloons in flight and (hopefully) get to go for a ride in one myself! If you happen to be in the Phoenix area, please stop by!

The trip has been pretty intensive so far (seriously, I’m going to be soooo sore tomorrow from 4 hours of lifting cases of yogurt) but I’m loving it, and have even found a few pockets of downtime to catch up on emails and go for quick runs. Yes, I’ve started running again!

Last week, I talked about how I had no desire to run and wouldn’t lace up my shoes until I did. Well, I’m still loving the rest but went out for an easy 2.5 miles yesterday and 4.5 today. Like, super easy. I felt the need to get movin’ after sitting on a plane and in a truck all day, and AZ’s hot weather meant I could return back to running in a tank top and shorts again! I probably won’t get the chance to run again this weekend, so took advantage of the feeling while I could.

These next few weeks, there is no pressure of hitting certain times or distances. Just lacing up my shoes and doing what I wish. Most days, that will be absolutely nothing. What a concept, eh? :)

As I’ve mentioned before, I am an extremely strong advocate of taking a break from running every once in a while. As much as I love to run, I love not running almost as much. I am not one of those people who hate rest days or get antsy to run when they don’t. I love being lazy. Surprised? Saturdays spent solely in bed watching Netflix (read: my Saturday last week) or nights spent dancing until 4 am are equally as important to my sanity as knocking out a great workout or hitting a 70 mile week. Everything in moderation. Being too “go-go-go” and not breathing in between big races really burns me out, mentally more than physically. The next few weeks of very minimal running is my way of rewarding my body for racing the marathon, and serves as the calm before the storm before Boston training begins. It’ll be here before I know it, so I’m savoring every single moment while I can.

Ever been near Phoenix? Any must-sees while I’m here? Plans for Thanksgiving? Don’t make me feel bad, are you a ‘lazy’ runner too?