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Hi! I’m Lindsay. And yes, I love to run. I started this blog in August 2010 to share my passion for running and how I balance training alongside everything that comes with living in NYC in my early/mid-20s.

I started running in 8th grade, mostly because I’m uncoordinated and was pretty bad at other sports. The more I ran, the more I improved and the more I loved it. It’s been an integral part of my life ever since.

I ran Cross Country, Indoor Track and Outdoor track throughout high school. There were definitely ups and downs, as I suffered two tibial stress fractures during my Junior Year of high school. I was out of shape and had no desire to compete in college when it came down to admissions time. Luckily by the time spring track rolled around, I started seeing improvements again and wanted to keep running. So, I decided to attend Villanova and walked onto the cross country and track teams.

Running at Villanova was one of the greatest/most challenging experiences. It was intense, but I couldn’t imagine college without it. I improved immensely, and got to train with top-tier athletes and coaches. I loved the team, who became my closest friends. Fitting in practices and training while studying for a double major, doing internships, etc. was just all part of the fun.

Of course, it wasn’t without some setbacks. I became anemic (low iron) junior year, and still take iron supplements to this day. During the winter of my senior year, I got a strange knee/IT pain and MRIs, cortizone shots, graston therapy, and aquajogging couldn’t diagnose or fix it. It was extremely frustrating, and a bit of a depressing way to close out my last two seasons of competing.

After graduation from Villanova in 2009, I moved to NYC and took three months off running and exercise completely. It was freeing and gave me a much needed mental and physical break, while clearing up my knee pain completely.

I’ve completed 5 marathons to date (check out my training page for all logs and major race recaps), and continue to chronicle the highs and lows of training here. Hope you’ll stick around!


Questions? Want to chat or just say hi? Email me at lindsayrunsblog [at] gmail [dot] com!

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