Winter ain’t so bad…

January 30th, 2012 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts

This past week was pretty good in terms of running, aided greatly by the not-so-awful weather we’ve been having this winter. Mother Nature, if we can make it to April 16th without anymore sub-20 degree days, I’d be your biggest fan.

I was reading through a few posts from last winter and remembered one of the mornings when it was 6 degrees (!!!) out and I thought it would be fitting to run exactly 6 miles. And then my hands almost froze off. Luckily, January hasn’t been bad and my fingers are crossed for a similar February. With my luck, it’ll snow all month…but here’s to hoping!

Here’s how the week panned out: 44 miles.

  • M: OFF
  • T: 8.5 in morning w/ Alex
  • W: 6.5 in afternoon, a bit stuffy/congested
  • R: Rainy workout night! 2 warmup, 1 cooldown. 5.14 workout in 34:10 (6:49, 6:44, 6:43, 6:43, 6:18), 1K at end in 3:45 (6:15 pace)
  • F: OFF
  • S: 14.5 long run w/ Alex & Alysia/Ambreleah. Warm, shorts run…felt really strong! ~ 7:25-7:30 pace average on CP bridle & Riverside
  • S: 5.5 easy + Total Body Conditioning Class

Thursday night’s workout was a pretty good one. It was only slightly drizzling on the warmup, but started raining pretty heavy into the workout and especially on our cool down. While I was a bit chilly at the end and cut my cool down short to only 1 mile (wimp), I typically love running in the rain and the workout went nicely.

Workout 1/26

Followed by a short recovery & a 1K which I did in 3:45. The first four miles were kept pretty relaxed and I never felt like I was working too hard, which felt good. While it was prescribed at half-marathon pace, which is closer to 6:26, that just isn’t happening right now. We were able to bring the pace down the last mile because it’s largely downhill and we were reeling in some people who had gone ahead at the start.

Right after the workout, I showered & headed straight downtown to our dodgeball game where we won (!!!) and I proceeded to play flip cup until midnight, without eating dinner. Great decisions as usual.

My long run on Saturday was one of the best runs I’ve had in a while. While it was my longest run of the training cycle so far, the warm(er) air and great company really made the run fly by. Alex and I ran into Alysia & Ambreleah and did a few loops around the Bridle before heading over to Riverside Park to add on before heading back to Central Park. It felt like spring, I felt fit and I (kinda) wanted to run forever.

Winter isn’t so bad, right? Looking to hit 50 miles this week which shouldn’t be bad if I go down from 2 to 1 rest day.

Amidst all this running, I’ve also been working towards my budding career in professional taste testing (wouldn’t that be nice?). Twice within the last few weeks, I’ve been a judge/taste-tester in food competitions. Lucky me!

Tonight, I headed to the SELF Magazine offices to be a taste tester for their annual Healthy Food Awards. I signed up to do this last year as well, so my taste buds and stomach were happy to head back for the 2nd year.

We sampled and judged the following categories: plain yogurt, flavored yogurt (sadly not Greek yogurt, ha), frozen waffles, unsweetened cereal, sweetened cereal, ethnic frozen dinners, and creamy dessert pops. Random? Yes. Delicious. HECK YES! I’m so full right now. Just wait for the June issue to see the winners revealed!

And about 3 weeks ago, one of the companies we share our office space with hosted their 2nd annual BagelOff. And needed judges to rate bagels from 5 different NYC bagel shops. Obviously I jumped at the chance. As my coworker said, I’m a marathoner- I can handle the carbs.

Murray’s was the hands down winner, followed by Ess-A-Bagel, Absolute, Russ & Daughters and Zaro’s. Love me some bagels & cream cheese. If you’re curious, here’s the official scorecard we used. My favorite was judging on overall taste: “Are all the flavors in perfect harmony, aligning the planets and exposing to you all that’s right with the world?” 

And this weekend was full of good eats as well. From a cute make-your-own Buffalo Chicken pizza and wine date night (did you know you can use pans as pizza dishes? Well, you can.)…

….to a Saturday night spent eating delicious Italian pizza, ‘Munchies’ ice cream and drinking beers on a patio (OUTSIDE!! in January!!) in Brooklyn, it was a fun-filled foodie weekend with friends!

Highlight of your weekend? How’s the weather been for you so far? Ever been a food judge..? It’s pretty awesome.

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  • Liz H says:

    Oh man, I’m loving this weather too. I’m running my first ever spring half in March and this winter weather is totally cooperating with my training. It is nearly unheard of to run along Lake Michigan… in January… in Chicago… in capris and a light jacket! I mean, I saw a girl in a tank top during tonight’s run! And I’m totally jealous of your patio beers. :)

  • I’ve never been a food judge. Your weekend sounds like it was awesome. Mine involved lots of projects and chocolate cake shots.

  • Mmm, pizza and ample hills ice cream! You must have been hanging out with some cool people if you went there :)

    Bummed I missed the SELF tasting, perhaps I will assemble a hodge-podge dinner of yogurt, waffles, and frozen ethnic dinners tonight. Or maybe I will just eat ice cream because it is expected to be like 60 degrees today. YES.

  • Kelly says:

    nice running! Saturday was a perfect long run morning, that’s for sure! also, I am so jealous of the taste-testing! I feel like we talked about that forever ago and you got to taste all my favorite foods (well, minus the frozen dinners)! Too bad they’re not doing that again any time soon.

    I miss you!! I spent the weekend studying and wishing I were in BK with you all.

  • I forgot to do the SELF taste testing this year! DARN. Wow, that food looks yummy. Interesting about the pizza thing. I did a pizza/wine tasting thing this weekend and it was some of the most delish pizza I’ve ever had.

    Looks like you got some great runs in his week. Miss ya!

  • Highlight of my weekend was seeing family. I was in Baltimore and I wore shorts! It was awesome. I’ve never been a food judge, but I certainly would like to.

  • Chels R. says:

    Weather down in Texas has been quite lovely esp for running! 50s and 60s down here so definitely not complaining :-) Being a food judge sounds so fun!!

  • Sarah says:

    First of all you are soo stinkin fast! You had a fantastic 6 miles! And then second of all where can I find a bagel contest? That would be so much fun to judge!

  • This weather is AMAZING. I’m loving the shorts runs and it definitely is making spring marathon training much, much more tolerable. I still like that I can delay a long run until 2pm and not die of heat exhaustion. And drink hot chocolate at the end.

    Jealous of the food tasting! Mine is tonight, but I got schedule to work. :(

    Seeing all of you in Brooklyn was fun, and I love that we were outside in January…seriously.

  • Luna says:

    Oh boy. I’m a reader of “ali on the run” blog and I’m here through it… So, this morning after my run I was all psyched because all my splits in my 5 miles were under 8 min/mile. Now, after reading your blog, I feel so miserable :( I’m joking, of course, you are AMAZING, I can just dream about being SO fast!! You rock!

  • Jana says:

    Wow – you are really fast! I can’t imagine seeing 6s pop up on my splits. I’m in San Diego so weather is never an issue. Mid 70s and clear is pretty average for this time of the year here.

  • Brenda says:

    Food Taste Taster would be my dream job!!! I’ve never gotten a chance to do that. The weather has been so beautiful, so that was definitely a highlight. I was excited to see you Thursday, although I totally lost you girls at mile 2. Nice running lady!

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