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January 24th, 2012 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts

Lately I’ve been thinking my life has been a little unbalanced…I’ve been going out more, sleeping less, eating poorly, running too slow…Quite simply, just being a normal single 24 year old in NYC with a full-time job and active social life. Nothing wrong with that.

The more I thought about it, the more I realize it’s not unbalanced, it’s actually very well balanced. Between unhealthy, no-sleep, bad-for-training-but-awesomely-fun stuff, there’s still plenty of wholesome, healthy, good-for-running stuff. A healthy mix of both. And that balance is keeping me pretty happy, much happier than I’ve been in a while.

I’m not a model runner. Sometimes I take too many rest days, or run slower than I should in workouts. Some nights post-workout, I have a great protein-packed smoothie and get 9 hours of sleep, and sometimes I have 6 beers and no dinner while playing flip cup ’till midnight on a Thursday. Sometimes I spring out of bed at 6am to run 15 miles, and sometimes I close down bars and don’t go to sleep until 6am two nights in a row. Sometimes I eat healthy kale & veggie salads, and sometimes I eat scrambled eggs in bed off of a paper towel (this happens more than I’d like to admit…don’t judge me?).

While sure, a bit more sleep and healthier eats would help me feel a bit better on runs, it’s just not realistic for me. Yeah, I take running seriously and love it (duh, you’re reading a blog about it), but I also want to remind you that I’m not a robot runner. I do the best I can while striking a good balance. I love rest days more than anything, I rarely stretch or ice, I’d rather gauge my eyes out than run on a treadmill, but for all that laziness I also work hard when the time comes. My success doesn’t come from training and living like a maniac, eating a perfect nutrient-packed diet, doing all the ‘extras’ or not drinking. Instead, I’d say it’s a bit of hard work, stubbornness, some natural ability and keeping it enjoyable. Being if it’s not fun, why am I doing it? Nobody’s headed to the Olympics anytime soon around here.

Phew. Hope you enjoyed that ramble and glimpse into my (sometimes) mess of a life. This past week was actually a pretty good one, all things considered!

  • M: 6 slowwwww miles (like, 8:45 slow for me), still a little sick/achy
  • T: 8.25 in am w/ Alex around reservoir
  • W: 4.25 miles in morning + core/lifting
  • R: 2 warmup, 6.06 workout in 41:18 (splits below), 2 cooldown
  • F: OFF
  • S: OFF
  • S: 12.75 miles at night

Total: 41.25

The workout went pretty well on Thursday, I started feeling a bit back to normal after getting sick last weekend and was excited to return to CPTC workouts since I hadn’t been to one since the marathon. Our group wanted to start out at a conversational pace and bring the pace down, and I was happy I felt pretty strong in the last 2 miles. While it wasn’t completed at the prescribed half-marathon pace (really? who wants to run half of a half-marathon?), it felt like a good solid effort to me.

Workout 1/19

Post-workout, I kicked off the weekend fun a bit early by heading straight to my intramural dodgeball game and then to the bar to drink away our loss. A few beers, no dinner, and flip cup victories later, I was quite drunk. Ooops?

Friday night was also pretty fun, as a few friends from Villanova met up for a Restaurant Week dinner at Ajna Bar in the meatpacking district. It was delicious, especially the cocktails! Highly recommended for restaurant week.

Afterwards, we headed to Brass Monkey for “just a few drinks”. Suddenly, it was 4:15 am and we were outside in the snow hailing a cab in heels. And then Noelle and Kristen came back to my apartment and we ate apple cider doughnuts and peanut butter. Champs.

I woke up early on Saturday (probably still drunk) to head to the Villanova basketball game at MSG w/ a few more ‘Nova friends visiting town from DC. And we won, woo!

Saturday night was a date night, starting with dinner at Bubby’s in Tribeca…mmmm flaky biscuits, juicy burger, mac & cheese, key lime pie, and coffee. Love me some comfort food.

The night continued at Fat Cat, a super cool/hipsterish bar where unfortunately, we didn’t get to play ping pong due to the long wait. We ended up going up to the UES to meet up with my Nova friends who were visiting, which was really great! A few hours later, it was sometime after 6:30 and time to sleep.

After a very lazy Sunday in bed, my planned long run still loomed over my head. Luckily, I had some company to get me out the door and motivate me to finally lace up and hit the roads around 7:30 at night. We did around 12.75 together, and while our ~7:40 pace was probably painfully slow for him, I was glad to have a cute guy to help the miles fly by. Lucky me :)

This week I’ll look to hit 45 miles, which should be pretty easy. As always, you can follow along on my Boston Google doc easily found on the training tab above.

What’s your idea of balance? Highlight of the weekend?

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  • Sarah says:

    Oh my balance is something that I’m constantly working on. Looks like you have got it done lady! Awesome runs last week!

  • ahaha i love this post. hooray for beer post-tempo workouts. i mean, chia seed smoothies, yup.

    i’m pretty sensitive to lack of sleep, so if i’m regularly getting less than 7 hours a night…i know things aren’t going to be pretty. if i can somehow manage to make it to work on time, run most days, see a friend or two, and sleep enough…i know it’s been a successful week. alas, this happens less than i’d like, but i’m trying!

  • Lizzy says:

    Your above paragraphs are exactly why I love your blog so much. You keep it real and even with a really fun week you still got some amazing quality workouts. Can’t wait to cheer for you in boston!

    • Ali says:

      Completely agree. I can so relate to what you wrote above, Lindsay. I mean, not so much with the 8:45 pace being sloowwwwww, and with the near 5-minute mile splits toward the end of a workout, but with all the other stuff. I read so many blogs that are all-healthy-all-the-time and that makes me feel like crap. Really, you ran 15 miles and then ate a salad and split a beer with your friend? NO. So not how I want to live. I love that you’re kicking your own ass by running hard, playing hard and totally dominating your new job. I’m SO happy for you. This is how it’s supposed to be, my friend.

      Speaking of friends, I’d like to hear more up-to-date details about the “cute one” you’re running with, so run date or brunch soon, please.

  • Liz H says:

    This post is legit. Enjoy your nights out before you get to be 29 and have hangovers that last for 2 days.. like me. :) Plus, like you said, running isn’t fun if its ALL you ever do!

  • I’m also sensitive to lack of sleep. I didn’t get much of it before and after the Houston Marathon, and I paid for it when I came down with a cold last weekend!

    Can’t wait to hear how winter training goes. I’m trying to convince my sister (she still lives in NY) to come run Houston with me next year but she’s hesitant about having to train in the snow up there.

  • Kelly says:

    umm, more info on date night and your male running buddy? Man, we need another brunch to catch up.

    I’m happy you’re happy! It seems you’ve found the balance that works for you! And you’re having lots of fun, which counts for a lot. If I did what you did I’d still be in my bed in serious pain, but that’s because I’m old and boring :) Right now balance for me means getting through my dietetic internship in one piece with As, and trying to marathon train. Fun shall be had when possible :)

  • I struggle with balance. Between working long hours, wanting to have a social life and fitness I always feel like I am playing catch up.

    I don’t know if I will ever feel entirely balanced, but I like to think about what I want and feel I need to be doing at the moment.

    It sounds like you are having a lot of fun, but still giving other areas of your life your all. That sounds like balance to me. :)

  • sofia says:

    word UP to the if it’s not fun, why do it idea. we’re young and now’s the time to make things as fun as they can be until we have “real adult” responsibilities ahead, whatever that may mean :) sounds like you’re doin’ things right.

    highlight of my weekend: trying a new yoga studio near my new apartment and liking it. woo!

    PS gonna try that bubby’s place since it’ll be close-ish to me soon. thanks for the tip :)

  • Chels R. says:

    Found you from Miss Ali on the Run :) Balance is SO important! Great post. You are super speedy btw! :)

  • Meggie says:

    True Life: I am jealous of your life (but so happy for you, obvs!). I love how you can do it all and take things in stride. It reminds me to be a little more spontaneous and not so regimented (or anal, whatever word you want to use). I think you’ve found a good balance.

    Now, I’d like to hear more about this long run buddy…

    17 hour brunch this weekend?

  • Laura says:

    omg too funny- last time i was in NYC we went to Ajna for dinner and then Brass Monkey for drinks- same thing happened…somehow it was suddenly 5am!!!!!!!!!! haha

  • Brenda says:

    You are right that your life DOES have good balance. You only live once, so you have to enjoy it! Hope to see you tomorrow night for the workout!

    Highlight of my weekend: Going ice skating and making homemade granola and then eating almost the whole batch that night. HA

  • I really love this post! I agree with it so much and love that you have a life outside of running. As much as I would like to think that running is going to take me to big places in this world…it’s not. So a late night Friday night, a long run that doesn’t occur until 7pm…it’s all good. I like running, I like setting goals, and I like working hard to achieve them, but there needs to be some balance and I’m not ready to give up a social life just to run a little bit faster.

    Is this boy the one we talked about on our run? Sounds like we all need brunch again soon!

  • I try to juggle everything, but I find it super hard. It’s awesome that you can run while having an active social life and working.

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  • Theodora says:

    Love this! I take running seriously…but I also take fun seriously.

  • Just found this from Ali’s blog and it’s the perfect post for me. I’m training for my first marathon and really struggling with balance. This is a great reminder that I can do more and not everything has to revolve around training :)

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