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December 18th, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts

Sometimes, the best runs are the ones you least expect. I’ve had a pretty busy week & weekend and running hasn’t been high on my list of priorities. This morning, I woke up early after too many drinks last night and too little sleep. I felt a bit lot like death. Instead of going back to bed like a normal person, I decided the only cure for this hangover was some fresh air. I bundled up (when did it become winter?) and hit the roads for a run to get the blood flowing. 6 miles later, I felt semi-normal again. Surprisingly I averaged around 7:20 pace, something that shouldn’t be possible after getting a total of 10 or 11 hours of sleep all weekend.

Excellent. I’m honestly pretty surprised by how well I’ve been functioning on so little sleep. A very small part of me is regretting signing up for Boston. Marathon training takes a lot out of me, and I’ve kinda been liking non-training Lindsay. She’s fun and goes out and stays up late and takes too many shots and doesn’t have to worry about a 20 mile run or workout the next day.

Fun Lindsay

Don’t worry, I’m definitely still going to be racing Boston and Big Sur, no questions there. It’s just hard to strike a balance between putting in the hard work to get sub-3:00, and being a single 24 year old living in NYC and all that entails. At the end of the day, I need to remind myself not to take running too seriously: it’s only a part of my life, and something I do because I love it. It’s not do or die, and I can still be fun Lindsay…. most of the time. :)

Despite Christmas being less than a week away (!!), I still hadn’t hit up the NYC must-sees. So I finally made my way to midtown to be a Christmasy tourist this weekend. We explored Bryant Park and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Christmasy things make me happy :)

And my friends Noelle and Kristen came into the city to go out and stay at my apartment last night. We met up with Terence, and we always, always have random nights out together. Last night included a lesbian bar, an apartment party, and a hole-in-the-wall Irish bar. Fun!

Terence, Kristen, Me and Noelle

After the surprisingly great 6 mile run this morning, I headed over to Ali’s apartment for a fun Sweat Squad Secret Santa party with Megan, Susan, Kelly and Meggie!

Meggie, Me, Kelly, Ali, Susan, Megan

Meggie was my Secret Santa and got me an awesome Believe I Am Training journal. I am so excited to use it for training, I think it’ll help get me in the game mentally and be neat to record my training. Thanks, Meggie!

Over the course of our 7 hour “brunch”, we opened presents, drank mimosas, and ate baked treats. That’s my idea of a festive Sunday.

All in all, a very, very festive and fun weekend. Cheers to many, many more! And now, I will proceed to pass out. I’m road tripping to upstate NY tomorrow to finally see the Chobani plant on Tuesday and can’t wait!

Highlight of your weekend?

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  • Christmas in NYC must be magical! You girls all look like you’re having so much fun- I love secret santa!

  • sofia says:

    yay festivity!! i hope fun lindsay is here to stay, despite all your training! striking the balance is hard. can’t say from personal experience since i’ve never actually run a marathon (only half) but I know that for someone like me who’d prefer that extra glass of wine over the potential for a better training run the following day, it’d be quite the challenge.

    i SO want to do christmasty things (says the jewish girl) like bryant park and stuff. how’s the ice skating rink there? hoping to hit that up soon!

  • fact: you are an amazing secret santa. 3 pints of my favorite BK ice cream = most thoughtful gift ever!

    Hooray for 7 hour brunches. I look forward to more of them in the future (and also this fun, drink-loving Lindsay that I’ve been hearing so much about)!

  • Meggie says:

    I hope you enjoy it! If nothing else, it’s pretty to look at. I say we do a New Year’s brunch, too! Best way to spend an afternoon, right? I mean, we do need to try that bottle of wine you brought, right?!

    I know what you mean about less structured life — when I think back to before NYC, my days were pretty structured! I’ve felt a little lost lately — I guess I like that structure? eh? maybe that means I should get my sign up on….

  • I’m so jealous of your sweat squad. I’m sadly lacking in friends that I can talk fueling strategies with. And I can’t believe you went for a run with a hangover.

    I find it hard to find a balance too. Mine’s the more boring keeping up with school work and finding time to run rather than balancing a life in NYC with running.

  • Ali says:

    OMG crazy, I averaged a 7:20 pace on my run yesterday, too. Weird. We should pace each other.


    You’re a badass and I love Fun Lindsay. She’s the best and I look forward to her shenanigans in 2012. I would like to witness them, please.

    And thanks for coming yesterday! So much fun! I’m pretty sure we have many more brunches in store considering none of us are having children anytime soon…or ever…you know, because of the tearing…

  • Kelly says:

    ahhh the tearing. Thanks for the reminder, Ali.

    I like fun Lindsay! Maybe she will encourage fun Kelly to come out and play every once and a while. Marathon training is hard – I do think there is some sort of balance that can be had to allow for some fun. I’m trying to figure out a plan that will allow me to do that (or at least go to school and work and train and not have a nervous breakdown).

    Next brunch at my place! I heart you guys <3

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  • I sometimes wonder what I’m missing out on by heading to bed early for a long run on Saturday morning…nights that last until 3am with a severely dehydrated morning are not conducive to marathon training! Hopefully we can strike a good balance during this Boston training. As much as I want to run hard and fast, I want to be a single lady in NYC as well!

    So fun seeing you TWICE this weekend! Definitely need to repeat this brunch business.

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