4 Weeks To Go & 70 Miles

October 9th, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts

Today marks the 4 week countdown until I am toeing the line (well, back in the corral…) at the NYC Marathon. While part of me wants November 6th to hurry up and get here already, part of me kinda wishes I could enjoy training a little longer. Dragging myself out of bed each morning has been rough now that it’s dark out, but I love challenging myself on each run to work towards a goal. And more than all, I love challenging myself to hit new records, like a new high mileage for the week.

This past week (10/2-10/8), I capped out at 70 miles off 6 days of running, 1 day total rest. When I set out my marathon training plan a few months ago, I knew I was setting some aggressive weekly mileage totals (for me). It’s pretty tough for me to get in 60-70 miles on only 6 days of training a week. Long runs and workouts really beat up my legs, and it’s often tough to get in quality miles in between. Amidst working 40-50 hours a week and trying to enjoy a social life. My one rest day-no cross training- is essential (for me) to stay healthy, keep my legs fresh, and get a mental break. I know compared to other marathoners, 70 miles per week isn’t much, but for me- a new high mileage total!

I’m gearing up for a goal of 75 miles this week, fingers crossed all goes well and I can hit another new mileage high. There are many benefits of high mileage training, so as long as I’m staying healthy and having fun, I’ll continue to hope it pays off!

Here’s how the week shaped up.

  • Sun: 20 miles in Chicago- felt great!
  • Mon: 9 miles before work
  • Tues: 6 miles in morning; 6.5 run commute home after work
  • Wed: 6.5 miles easy
  • Thurs: 3 easy in morning. 3 warmup, 6 miles CPTC workout, 3 cooldown
  • Fri: OFF
  • Sat: 7 miles easy

Surprisingly, my legs still felt great throughout the week and Thursday’s workout felt great. We did 4 loops of the reservoir, starting around marathon pace and getting faster each lap. It was dark by the time we started, and kinda scary in some spots where the lamps were out!

Mission accomplished! Each lap was consistently faster. I felt really strong, especially on the last lap. Nice practice to get faster and faster and continue to dig even when fatigued. Hopefully I’m feelin’ that good at mile 25 of the marathon :)

Today, I did my last 20-miler of the cycle. Alex and I met in Central Park at 7:45am to do a mile or so before heading over to Riverside Park and then down the Hudson River Path, over the Brooklyn Bridge, back on the Manhattan Bridge, and then back up through Battery Park to finish the run at Chambers Street. The pace was nothing special, around 7:40 average, and I was definitely feeling more dehydrated than normal due to the heat.

After the run, I took an ice bath in hopes to stave off muscle soreness, and enjoyed some warm treats to pass the time. Pumpkin oatmeal and some hot coffee! Excuse the crappy camera phone pics. I was starving and freezing.

After warming up, I decided to take advantage of the unseasonal mid-October temperatures and head to Riverside Park with a few magazines to enjoy the sunshine for (probably) the last time until next summer.

Lovely, lovely view. Lovely, lovely weather. Lovely, lovely week and weekend.

What was the best part of your weekend? What’s the highest mileage total you’ve ever hit? How many rest days per week do you like to take?

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  • Kelly says:

    nice running lady! I’m hoping to crack 60 miles this week, which would be an all-time high for me. But eventually I’d love to get in to the 70-80 mile peak during training! I like that you take full rest days each week. Today I’m actually taking one (well, I did some yoga this morning but…) to make sure my IT band is feeling good for the rest of the week. Definitely think I should take them more regularly!

    Four weeks! So crazy.

  • Meggie says:

    Hmm – best part of my weekend? Probably not being crazy busy and just able to kind of enjoy it!

    Highest mileage ever: 43. I haven’t added it up lately, maybe I’ve hit close to 40 recently.

    I take 2 rest days per week. I’ve tried 1 and it ended up just making me more tired for my “quality” runs. So, 2 it is! Sometime I try to do something non-running, but active on one of my rest days. 1 day a week is for sure completely nothing active at all.

  • Nice mileage! I have always been so jealous of people who can run high mileage. I don’t think my body was made for it and finding time it certainly tough. Good luck on your 75 this week and I’m so excited for the NYC Marathon – even though I’m not running it this year – but definitely next year!

  • Nice job on last week’s training! It’s definitely tough to fit in all those miles in 6 days, but I think it’s smart to take a rest day – especially when you’re running 20-22 milers – those take a lot out of your legs! I ran 80+ last week, but am going to make this a down week. I kind of like cycling between high and low mileage – it’s a nice break for my legs and my mind :) Excited for your race – t-minus 26 days, ahhh!

  • The best part of my weekend was outlet shopping (scored some great finds at Ann Taylor Loft for less than $15 each!) and racing a 10-miler (my first time racing this distance). My goal was to practice my marathon goal pace (8:12) and even though it was a challenge, I did it! Definitely feeling more confident about Nov. 6 now.

    I have no idea what my highest mileage total is…for some reason I don’t keep track of that part. I think it would be between 55 and 60?

  • Celia says:

    Great job on the 70 mile week! The most i have run is 60ish but for my next marathon training cycle I am hoping to increase that a bit. Great temperatures to enjoy but not the best for a fall marathon…I guess the best (and worst) part of the weekend was the Steamtown Marathon. Most painful race I have ever run. Downhills=no good.

  • ellen says:

    nice week! i can’t believe nyc is so close – can’t wait. highlight of my weekend was doing a 15-miler at the shore (perfect weather, easy and flat, sunrise over the ocean). i typically take 1-2 rest days/week

  • Corey says:

    It’s hard to believe November is coming up so fast! I am so excited to hear how you do…and part of me really wants to go to NY to watch the marathon!
    You seem to be in a great place both mentally and physically with your training. Those negative split laps must have been a big confidence booster! And definitely a great sign that you felt so good on your 20 miler in Chicago.
    Good luck hitting 75 miles this week! You can do it! Last big push before the taper :)

  • Wow, excellent week! I think my highest mileage while marathon training was only 55ish? Now I stick around 40-miles/week (half-marathon training). Definitely a challenge to fit those miles in!
    I also laid out in the park with mags this weekend (here in Philly) – it was too gorgeous to sit inside watching football all day!

  • Christine says:

    amazing lindsay! is 70 mpw the most you’ve ever done, even when you were running @ villanova?

    miss the reservoir laps! and you – hopefully see you on nycm weekend!

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