Girlfriend Getaway in Chicago

September 28th, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts - (13 Comments)

Thanks everyone for the great comments on my NYRR tune-up. Glad to hear I’m not the only crazy one :) My legs are still a bit lethargic, but I was able to squeeze out a tired 7 miles on Monday morning, 8 miles after work yesterday with Terence along the East River (great run but my regular watch died…whoops), and 12 miles this morning as a run-commute on the way to work. While I likely won’t get in a workout this week (Sunday was enough of a workout!), I’m hoping to get in a few more quality miles and save my rest day for either Friday or Saturday, because I’ve got a fun weekend ahead!

Tomorrow night, I’m jetting off to Chicago for a (long overdue) weekend getaway with my two best girlfriends from college. I am so excited to spend a weekend away in an exciting city, catching up and spending some quality time together.

From day 1 of freshman year, Emily, Jordan and I clicked and spent the next four years together as friends, roommates and teammates.

At a frat party, straddling the pole...typical

Pregaming formals with shots

Disney princesses for Halloween!

I'm 21!

Giant snowball?

Why am I posting this picture on the internet? It was halloween.

After graduation, our jobs took us separate ways. I went to NYC to work in PR, Emily went to Atlanta to work for AT&T (and has now moved her rotation to Denver), and Jordan went to South Jersey to work for Lockheed Martin. Yep, they are smart and successful ladies! I not-so-secretly hoped everyone would move to NYC with me, as I missed being able to open up my bedroom door to get fashion advice or to gather on the couch to watch Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model.

Miami New Year's

Senior picnic aka lots of drinking

Fancy ladies


Over the past 2+ years after graduation, we’ve reunited every few months with our college friend group in the city or at the beach, but a girlfriend getaway with just us ladies is something we’ve been trying to plan since this spring and I’m so excited it’s here!

Off, off and AWAY to Chicago!

We wanted to pick a city we’ve all never been to and was easily accessible via direct flights. I have been to Chicago twice, but both times were for work and I did very little exploring since the trip was quick and it was cold! I didn’t even get to go for a run both times I was there! We have a few ‘must-sees’ but for the most part, we’re planning to explore and play it by ear. We have tickets to an Improvised Shakespeare Comedy show, plans to hit up Giordano’s for some Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza, and see the typical ‘Chicago must-sees’: the bean, Sears Tower, Lincoln Zoo, Wrigley Field, etc.

I also have to get in a 20 mile run on Sunday. I’m planning to wake up a bit earlier than normal so that my super long run doesn’t interfere with our activities for the day, since we’re headed to the airport around 4 p.m. on Sunday. I’m not super excited for the early wake up and feeling wiped all day, but hopefully the change of scenery will help the miles fly by. I hear it’s really nice to run along the waterfront, so I’m just planning on running from our hotel along the mile to the water and doing a fun out and back either North or South (or both). Luckily, both Emily and Jordan also ran in college with me, and while they might not be up for joining my 20 miler, they understand and support it.

 Have you ever been to Chicago? Any recommendations for places to visit, dine, shop, walk, explore, etc.? Running route recommendations? How do you stay connected with old friends that live far away—take vacations? Skype? G-chat?