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September 23rd, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts

This week has been pretty busy, lots going on in Lindsay-world and I cannot believe it’s just a little over 6 weeks until the big day. After a much needed cutback week the w/o 9/4, my legs felt rejuventated and I had a solid 60 mile training week last week, my highest to date. This week I was planning to hit 60 miles again, but may or may not happen since I had to swap my long run schedule. See, I schedule my week totals like a calendar, Sunday to Saturday. I did a long run on Saturday the 17th but am scheduled to run 20 for the NYRR 18 mile tune up this Sunday the 25th. Which means no long run during the Sunday-Saturday block this week, making it harder to hit 60 on regular mileage. I’ve been squeezing in miles here and there, but if I fall a few miles short I won’t mind. Especially after a solid effort last night!

Here’s how my week’s been:

Sunday 9/18

It was a gorgeous, crisp fall day and I wanted some flat terrain after Saturday’s 17 miler. So up the Hudson River path I went, all the way to the little red lighthouse! I can’t believe it was my first time running there, after living right alongside Riverside Park for over 2 years.  I ran 9.5 miles total, with my last three miles at 7:10, 7:11 and 7:11 pace. Probably not the best recovery run, but took advantage of feeling good..because it’s happening much less often as the training gets harder. I finished the run at NYSC to attend my favorite Total Body Conditioning class…and was beat afterwards! Nevertheless, I couldn’t fall asleep at night and tossed and turned as my mind ran a thousand miles a minute.

Little Red Lighthouse under the GW Bridge. Source: Wikipedia

Monday 9/19

I decided to double because I had no post-work plans and 9 miles before work was just not going to happen. 5.5 in the morning around 8:00 pace, and 4.25 a bit quicker after work. I ran in Riverside Park and around the waterfront, and glancing over at the bright city lights against the dark sky was extremely picturesque. One of those nights where a short run reminded me why I love NYC so much!

Tuesday 9/20

The poor sleep I got Sunday night really caught up to me, and I struggled through 7.75 miles in the morning. Everything was tired and heavy and my body was just not cooperating. I had originally planned to take this Saturday as my rest day before the NYRR 18 Mile Tune-up, but decided there was so way I’d survive Thursday night’s workout if I didn’t take off the next day.  The evening was made 10x better by lovely NYC blogger ladies gathering at 16 Handles to wish the lovely Christine farewell as she moves back to Boston. Christine was awesome enough to let me come over her apartment one night for yummy food and wine, and I’ll miss her! And she’s going to kick butt at the Chicago Marathon. Confession: I went back for a second cup at 16 Handles. Yes, I’ll spend $12 in one night at 16 Handles but am too cheap to take a cab home at 4 a.m. Priorities.

Thanks to Ali's handsome man friend for the pic!

Celia, Christy, Ali, Gia, Christine, Me, Meggie, Shannon and Jamie!

Wednesday 9/21

REST! I caught up with friends (and old co-workers) Elyse and Julia at a bar for happy hour. We spent a few hours talking over tasty cocktails and food, and I was still able to get home for a decent night’s sleep. Hooray!

Thursday 9/22

On evening workout days, I like to do 2-3 miles in the morning to shake out my legs and get the body moving. Also helps to squeeze in some extra mileage. I felt great for those 3 miles, and knew I made the right choice in taking Wednesday off versus struggling through another run. My body just needed a break and I was flexible!

The planned workout was 8 miles total: 4 miles at marathon pace and 4 at half-marathon pace. The loop was actually a bit long and ended at 8.1 miles. I focused the first loop on staying relaxed and in control, and I felt awesome. I didn’t get caught up with going out too fast, and it really helped me the 2nd loop. Overall 54:42 for 8.1 miles, 6:45 average. Felt strong, not depleted at the end. Miles 1 and 5 were up Cat Hill, with miles 3 and 7 up the rolling west side hills. They kill me every time! The humidity last night was also a killer…seriously haven’t been that soaked from a run in a while. Ew. Bring back the fall air!

I purchased some Nuun after seeing Nuun Platuun and AfterNuun Delight have a blast at Hood to Coast. I tried the banana flavor for the first time on Thursday before my workout, and loved it!

Maybe a coincidence, but I’ll attribute my workout success to Nuun. Along with banana, I got the mixed new flavor pack which contains grape, fruit punch, strawberry lemonade and tropical.

As I mentioned, I have my first 20 miler planned this Sunday, with 2 miles warmup to the start before the NYRR 18 Mile Tune-Up. Last year, I had major stomach issues during the race so I’m trying to avoid that at all costs. While I am not looking forward to a 7 a.m. start time and running 3 boring outer loops, I am looking forward to a solid effort since I’ll be running with my CPTC teammate Alex. We both ran 3:04 last year and are both training to break 3:00 this year, and I’m so happy we met and have done a few runs and workouts together! She is also going to do Boston 2 Big Sur with me in 2012! Registration opens on Saturday, so if you’re signed up for Boston…it’s not too late to join in the fun :)

How is your week of training going? Have you ever tried Nuun and what’s your favorite flavor? Going to do Boston 2 Big Sur with me ;)?

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