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August 28th, 2011 | Posted by Lindsay Runs in Blog Posts

Hey friends, thanks for making your way over to Run Linds Run’s new home, LindsayRuns.com! With Hurricane Irene in town this weekend, my project for the weekend was to finally self-host the blog. I think I figured out a layout/theme that works, but let me know what you think! I actually had a lot of fun designing the header and playing around. (Also, ignore the camera-phone quality pics for now, my Canon S95 is still under repair.)

This week was pretty exhausting, and I’m actually kind of relieved that we were ‘forced’ to stay indoors this weekend. Pretty good excuse to relax, drink wine and take care of a few things around the apartment I’ve been putting off. Luckily I woke up this morning and the damage to NYC wasn’t bad here on the UWS: never lost power and not much flooding up here.

During a busy week it’s hard to balance work, fun, sleep, friends and running. Sometimes you have to pick a few things to do well, and let the other areas slide for a bit. This past week, I opted for fun and friends but slacked a bit on the sleep (and productivity at work..whoops). Between an office summer party at Hudson Terrace that turned into a late night…

Thanks for the photo, Jamie! (sometimeshealthylivingblog.com)

…And the resulting hangover breakfast at the office:

Egg sandwiches and bagels, yes please. Thanks again, Jamie!

A delicious 4-course birthday dinner for Dan and Sean at the Hurricane Club

Roasted peking pig...yum!

A late night playing ping pong at Spin (super fun!)

And going out for dinner, drinks and dancing Friday night for my friend Elyse’s birthday

Al Pastor, Grilled Steak, and Fried Oyster Tacos

The bar had a moose; I didn't take any pictures of anything else apparently

I was exhausted. But I still managed to squeeze in 50.5 miles by being a bit flexible in my schedule. I can’t say they were all quality miles, but I got them in and I’m happy I made it work.

Week of 8/21: 50.5 miles

  • S: 7 miles out/back Riverside S + light gym
  • M: 14 miles post-work, east river loop up to UWS
  • T: 7 miles in morning in CP, legs a bit heavy
  • W: 7.5 miles post-work, from office through CP, end at TJ’s for groceries. Felt great & relaxed
  • R: 8 miles out/back Riverside N in morning, legs dead at end
  • F: 7 miles run-commute to work in morning
  • S: OFF! phew.

I didn’t get in a workout this week, but something had to give. And that’s okay. This upcoming week, my mileage bumps up to 55, so getting another week of base mileage was most important.

Amidst the work/drinking/running/Hurricane Irene fun, I’ve still been getting creative in the kitchen with some easy eats:

Easy 'no cook' work lunch: Shrimp, baby tomatos, feta, balsamic & olive oil

White Nectarines <3

Hurricane Irene Breakfast: Banana Protein/Oat Pancakes- kinda fell apart, but delicious topped with bananas and vanilla cinnamon greek yogurt

I’m realizing how important balance in life is. While I struggle to manage working full-time at a high stress job, training intensely for a marathon PR, having a normal social life and going out to eat, drink and dance in NYC, enjoying boyfriend time, attempting to cook and eat healthy when I can, and sleeping 7-8+hours a night, and keep this blog up, it becomes pretty clear that I can’t do my best at everything all at once.

Friends, family and co-workers seem impressed at how I juggle it all. I don’t have a secret or special powers. And I certainly can’t give 100% to everything, all the time. I just try to remain flexible, and pick and choose my priorities each day/week. Sometimes I won’t run as many miles as I want in favor of a night out with friends, and other times I’ll opt for a Friday night in to catch up on sleep. As long as I keep balance in mind, I’ll always be happy and confident in my choices and motivated to do things I want to do.

So, what do you think of the new blog home? Did Hurricane Irene impact you this week? How do you maintain balance and stay flexible with multiple priorities to juggle?

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  • Meggie says:

    I think it looks awesome! How do you self host and what’s the benefit? Just curious.

    The hurricane ruined my plans for 5K glory (ha!) and I also didn’t get a long run in this weekend. Maybe I’ll try tomorrow if the flooding is gone and parks are open again. Oh well! At least I did clean my whole apartment and now have time to set up my TV. I got some extra sleep and may even sleep some more!

    The main way I balance all that I do is by planning – I have to have plan of attack for most weeks. I sometimes do get too upset if something doesn’t go right (ie sometimes I’m not the best at being flexible), but I try to remind myself that with anything (running, school, etc) its doing a majority of the work and missing one little thing isn’t going to kill you.

  • I like the new design! The froyo pic is a nice touch. :)

    Irene did not impact me but it’s been interesting to read everyone else’s updates! Glad it didn’t turn out to be too crazy up there.

  • ellen says:

    looks great! i’d like to blame the hurricane for my major mileage shortage this week, but i think it was more poor planning on my part. hurricane certainly didn’t help though. ah well.

  • sofia says:

    love the new domain and layout! as a fellow upper west sider, i too wasn’t impacted, though my parents who have a house upstate currently don’t have power and there’s tons of flooding in their yard. not fun. it seems outside of the city was hit much worse, though everyone here did expect the end of the world was nearing. oy!

    oh, balance. i don’t think i do this too well. i’m very all or nothing, and i’m either gonna go out all the time or stay at home and workout a lot. these days i’m not training for anything really, just trying to stay fit and happy, which means i don’t really put pressure on myself to fit it all in. makes life easier! and i’ll only be a twentysomething once. live it up, i say :)

  • Kelly says:

    Love the new site – it looks great!!

    Nice running this week – especially with an extremely full social schedule. I am envious! When things get tough – work, school, marathon training, my social life is the first thing to go because it always seems to be the easiest option. But sometimes that makes me unhappy – keeping fun in life is important!

    I’m so glad Irene wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, but I still took a rest day yesterday. It was a nice excuse to relax, for sure!

  • hooray! congrats on the new self-hosted blog :) :)

    and i love how much run-commuting (to work /from work) you did last week. a girl after my own heart!

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