Happy 1st Birthday, Run Linds Run!

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I started this blog one year ago today! My first post (and many posts thereafter) were a bit of a mess, as I worked to develop my voice, writing-style, and content. While I still struggle to post as often as I want to, be as engaging and thoughtful as I can, and more, I’m happy with where this blog has taken me over the past year. I love being able to look back and read about training for my first marathon and everything that’s happened over the past year from simple workouts, fun vacations, PRs, and new friends! I didn’t have very many readers my first few months, as I was pretty bad about commenting on  others’ blogs to get myself out there, and didn’t share my posts via Twitter since my account was private, but I think I’ve hit a nice groove and can’t wait to see where year 2 takes me.

For year 2, I am considering self-hosting my blog and purchasing a real domain name. What should it be called? I’m thinking I want something a bit simpler, like LindsayRuns.com. I tried to think of alternatives to encompass a wider ‘theme’, but honestly, my blog is mostly about running, and will continue to be. Over time, I’d love to add in more food via recipes and restaurants as well as a bit more about life as a 24 year old living and working in NYC, but running will always be at the core.

To celebrate, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Here are a few of my favorite posts from last year. Enjoy!

Running/Life Posts:

Favorite Recipes

Race Recaps