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First off, let me say how much I missed my favorite green monster smoothies for breakfast each morning! I got on a kick a few months ago but finally restocked my soy protein powder from Whole Foods this weekend, so this week I’ve been kick-starting my mornings with this filling, protein-packed smoothie.

Green Monster!

I swear it tastes better than it looks. Green monsters are a very easy way to sneak in spinach as the flavor is masked entirely by the banana and almond milk. In my mix:

  • 1 banana, frozen
  • 1 scoop soy protein powder
  • Few handfuls spinach
  • About 1/2 cup almond milk, enough to blend it
  • Spoonful chia seeds

I cannot believe race week is here and I’ll be running the NYC Half-Marathon this Sunday! Sunday is also my birthday, and I am strangely ambivalent towards both which makes me a bit nervous.

I am just not as “amped” for this race as I should be, and can’t really pinpoint it. Though I’ve been feeling better physically than I did a few weeks ago, I don’t quite feel sharp and fit as I expected to be. The hay is in the barn (weird saying…) and all I can do at this point is eat well, hydrate, stay healthy/injury free and rest with plenty of sleep!

I’ll put my goal time out there again, even though I’ve been second guessing it and saying writing it makes it real. I want to run under 1:28, if not 1:27:30. Because I need a bit of self pep-talk, here are the reasons I think know I can do this:

  • I ran 1:29:35 last year at this race on less mileage and no tempo/speed work
  • I split 1:29:36 halfway through this years NYC Marathon…and felt relaxed
  • Since early January, I’ve incorporated one tempo/speed session per week to help me feel more comfortable with race pace, one of my last ones was 6.2 hilly miles around the outer loop at 6:31 pace!
  • My ferritin levels are not low according to my blood test (34, which was normal/high for me…my lowest was 8 once) so I have no physical reason/question to doubt myself
  • The weather forecast says Sunday is rain-free and SUNNY…you know ill be obsessively checking this till race day!

    Sunday=Race Day

When I went home this weekend, I had two GREAT runs where I was able to really push the pace on one, and finish really strong on another. Sometimes you need runs like these for affirmation.

Saturday- pushed the pace for a strong-feeling 7:09 average

Sunday- started easy and dropped the pace last 3 miles

When is your next race? How do you balance staying relaxed for a race with not letting yourself get tooo relaxed? Do you need to do a little self pep-talk like me? :)